What type of transport user are you?

Exclusive satisfied motorists

In their daily lives, they never use public transport and they have a negative image. If they prefer to first use the car, they also prefer using bicycles and/or motorized two-wheelers.

Exclusive overt motorists

In their daily lives, they never use public transport, but they have a positive image and they are open to their use. Their mobility is primarily structured around the car and / or bike and / or motorized two-wheelers.

Exclusive alternatives

In their daily lives, they never use the car. Their mobility is structured around the accessibility offered by public transport, cycling and / or walking.

Civic environmentalists

They prefer the use of environmentally friendly transportation to be consistent with their beliefs. When using the car, it is not by choice but by obligation.

Time comparers

They use the transportation mode that best fits their needs and they choose in individual cases. Your mobility is organized around the mode of transportation that will be most effective depending on the context of their speeds.

Motorists forced to use public transport

They would still use the car rather than public transport. However, particularly because of parking or congestion, they are sometimes forced to use public transport.

Open to alternatives

When given a choice, they prefer to use public transport, cycling or walking instead of driving.

Rooted in the neighbourhood

They do not like to move by means of motorised transport and prefer to use the bike and / or walking to the mobility offered by these two means of transport but they do not always get the opportunity.